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The Flavor Waves® Approach
Established in 1996, our many years in the flavoring industry have taught us that a personalized team approach is the best way to improve our clients Taste Profiles and to build better consumer satisfaction.
We begin with a free consultation to identify target tastes and aroma profiles. Once gold standards are identified, we will help you raise each product's level of consumer flavor perception, through our scientific, and time tested, laboratory formulation process.

We will not stop our team formulating efforts until peak taste is accomplished and confirmed by your taste trials. This process, is not only fun, but it is our mission and passion which in-turn assures you of achieving that special synergy between flavorings and your specialty food products.
We help you develop custom, distinct flavoring formulations, which deliver peak taste and aroma to your specialty food products, thereby promoting your brand success. In a step by step process, we will take your unflavored base products and enhance them with powerful bursts of delicious flavors, certain to render greater levels of new and repeat business.