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Flavor Trends in the Kombucha Industry: 2023 Edition

As we navigate through 2023, and 2024, it’s clear that the kombucha flavor game is changing

The kombucha industry has been rapidly growing over the past few years. New flavors and blends popping up every month. As we navigate through 2023, and 2024, it’s clear that the kombucha game is changing, with companies experimenting and pushing the boundaries of flavor. At Flavor Waves, we are always exploring the top flavor trends in the coffee, tea and kombucha industries. Here we highlight the ten most popular kombucha flavors among consumers in the United States this year.

Top Flavor Trends in 2023

  • Tropical Fusion: Pineapple-mango and coconut-lychee blends are all the rage this year. These flavors transport consumers straight to a beach, giving them a brief escape from their busy lives.

  • Spicy Flares: Think jalapeño-kiwi or chili-lime. Kombucha drinkers love the mild kick that these spicy blends offer.

  • Botanical Blends: Ingredients like lavender, rose, and hibiscus are gaining traction, offering soothing and aromatic notes.

  • Exotic Fruits: Beyond the usual fruits, there’s a surge in exotic fruits like acai, passionfruit, dragon fruit, and jackfruit making their way into kombucha bottles.

  • CBD-Infused: As the health and wellness trend continues, many brands are infusing their kombuchas with CBD, promising relaxation and various health benefits.

  • Root Ingredients: Turmeric and ginger have always been favorites in the kombucha world, but 2023 sees an increased focus on other roots like beet and burdock.

  • Earthy Greens: Spinach, kale, and spirulina are being incorporated to cater to health-conscious consumers seeking their greens in a drinkable form.

  • Sweet and Savory: Flavors like basil-strawberry and tomato-basil are bridging the gap between sweet and savory, offering a unique tasting experience.

  • Traditional Asian Flavors: From matcha to yuzu and umeboshi (pickled plum), there’s a rise in Asian-inspired flavors that provide both familiar and novel tastes.

  • Nostalgic Classics: Root beer, cola, and cream soda kombuchas have made a comeback, offering a probiotic twist to classic favorites.

10 Popular Kombucha Flavors in 2023

If you’re looking for inspiration from top Kombucha brands, take a look at these popular consumer choices from this year. These 10 kombucha flavors provide insight to the direction of what flavors consumers are craving now.

GT's Living Foods - Gingerade: A classic flavor with a spicy kick of ginger.

Health-Ade Kombucha - Pink Lady Apple: Offering a crisp, refreshing, and slightly tart taste.

Brew Dr. Kombucha - Clear Mind: A blend of rosemary, mint, sage, and green tea.

Kevita Master Brew Kombucha - Raspberry Lemon: A fruity combo with a tangy twist.

Humm Kombucha - Blueberry Mint: A refreshing and sweet mix that's a favorite among many.

Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha - Alpine Lavender: Made with organic lavender and blueberries.

Better Booch - Golden Pear: A delicate blend of green tea and pear essence.

Remedy Kombucha - Raspberry Lemonade: A fusion of fruity and tangy flavors.

Wild Tonic - Mango Ginger: A tropical flavor infused with a ginger kick.

Revive Kombucha - Cucumber Mint Lemon: A refreshing and cooling flavor perfect for summer.

2023 has proven to be an exciting year for kombucha enthusiasts. With an ever-expanding range of flavors and blends, there’s something for everyone. As the year comes to a close, it will be interesting to see which of these trends will solidify their place in the market and which new ones might emerge. Cheers to health, flavor and innovation!

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