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Frequently Asked Questions 

We are here to answer any of your flavoring questions. If you do not see your question here, reach out to our staff at any time! 

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Can you create Custom flavors?

Yes, we are a custom flavor house and can create a custom flavor to be used solely by your company. The possibilities are limitless. 

Do you have a minimum order offer price breaks?

Yes, our minimum order is 1 gallon (approx. 8lbs) for liquids and 50lbs for all dry powder flavors. Smaller dry flavor amounts are available. Please see our Order Minimum and Packaging Sheet or Call Us for more details.
(Click to view our Order Minimum and Packaging sheet)

What size containers do you offer?

For Liquids, we use 1 gallon (approx. 8 lbs.), 5 gallon (approx. 40 lbs.) and 55 gallons (approx. 484 lbs)

For Dry, we use poly lined box that holds up to 50 lbs. 

(Click to view our Order Minimum and Packaging sheet)


What is your recommended dosage for ground coffee, coffee beans, and tea leaves?
All of our flavors are formulated to work at 3% of your total batch weight.

(Click to view our Dosage Sheet)

What is your lead time?
We require 10-15 business days prior to shipping.

How do you ship your products?
UPS or Federal Express for small shipments up to 100 lbs. Freight couriers for larger shipments.

How do I place an order?

Submit an inquiry on our contact page, or:
Call toll free (888) 968-2783

Methods of payment:
We require a credit card for your first-time order and the below Customer Information Sheet to be filled out.  Terms are available upon approval.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover.  

(Click to download our Customer Information Sheet)

Are your flavors Kosher?

How do I request Technical Documents?
Please send an e-mail to

Are your flavors stock off the shelf?
No.  All of our flavors are custom created and made fresh to order.

How much do your flavors cost?
Prices are generated once a flavor sample has been formulated but we can try to formulate within a budget if possible and if needed. 

How much do your flavor samples cost?
Our standard size samples are always free. Contact us to request a sample!

How do I sample your flavors?
You may request flavor samples by submitting an inquiry on our contact page or via email  

How long does it take to receive a sample?
Samples may arrive in 10-15 business days depending on your order.

Are your flavors only available in liquid?

Our samples are available in liquid or in dry powders on various bases.

Are your flavors only available in N&A?
Samples are available in Natural & Artificial, Natural, Natural Organic Certifiable or Natural Organic. We also can formulate flavors to be, GMO Free Japan Safe and Halal. 

Can you create flavors that do not contain GMO's?
Yes.  Simply let us know when you request your flavor samples.

Are your flavors only used for coffee and tea?
Our flavor samples can be formulated for a variety of products: Coffee, Tea, Baked Goods, Confections and more.

What is the difference between N&A, Natural and Natural Organic flavors? 
- Natural and Artificial flavors are composed of substances which are found in nature as well as created in our custom laboratory to closely exhibit the aromatic and flavor qualities found in nature.

- The term natural flavor or natural flavoring means that all of the constituents are derived from natural sources - the original ingredients are found in nature and then purified and extracted.

- Natural Organic flavors are designed for use in organic products.  These flavors are composed of substances that are all found in nature. Such substances as essential oils by law, can only be derived or isolated by methods of distillation, filtration or by means of natural occurring fermentation.


Are your flavors TTB Approved?

-We can formulate flavors to be used in alcoholic beverages and submit for TTB approval.  Please let us know when we are creating your flavor that this is something that you need. 

Looking to create your own unique flavor? Contact our team today! 


Informative Videos 

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