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Meet the Flavor Waves Team

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Meet the Flavor Waves Team! Whether you have known us for 25 years or are new to exploring the best flavors for your products with Flavor Waves, we would love to introduce you to our team of experts!

Flavor Waves has always been like family. We have a very close knit team who strives to deliver the very best customer service in the business.

Our Story

Mike Abrams established Flavor Waves, Inc. in October, 1996. Boasting an abundance of enthusiasm and equipped with invaluable contacts made over the years, Mike set out with one main goal in mind and that was to create the best food and beverage flavoring company on the planet. Mike served on the board of directors of the famous Pacific Coast Coffee Association (established 1932) and was President in 2004. He also holds a coffee Q Grading Certificate and keeps it current.

Today, Flavor Waves has built a solid reputation based on our quality products and excellent customer service. Our customers need trust, peak taste, timely and friendly service and competitive economics - the Flavor Waves team consistently delivers.

Mike’s flavor wheels are always spinning to accentuate flavors. When flavors are not driving him, his passion for Maui does - where he grows and processes his own Arabica coffee at home on Maui and windsurfs whenever he has the opportunity.

We have a wonderful team of coffee and tea lovers who are experts in their field and dedicated to deliver unparalleled customer service.

Meet the Team

Mui Sullivan

Location: San Marcos, CA

Accounting department

Your favorite coffee flavor: Salted Caramel

Favorite tea flavor: Peach Mango

Fun Fact: I love to watch British mystery shows

Taja Odom

Location: Northern California

Technical Support

Favorite coffee flavor: Peppermint

Fun Fact: I have traveled to 11 countries

Triny Finsterbusch

Location: San Diego, CA

Technical Support

My favorite tea flavors are: Organic mint and Passionfruit

Fun fact: I used to be a professional mime and taught drama for 6 years.

Tina Zivkovic

Favorite tea flavor: Chai

Fun Fact: I love to travel, cook, and most of all spend time with my family and friends. I have been with Flavor Waves for 13 years.

Donna Hiatt

Customer Service

Favorite Tea: Green Tea

Fun Fact: I love gardening and enjoy hiking in the mountains. I've been with Flavor Waves since October 2017.

Elise Sanchez

Temecula, CA Director of Marketing & Social Media I used to live on Maui and compete in windsurfing contests! Favorite Coffee Flavor: Coconut Macadamia Nut Favorite Tea Flavor: Passionfruit

Meet our Founder Mike Abrams

Mike received a Food Technology degree from The Ohio State University. His first taste of the food and drink industry came in 1988 working in the San Francisco, California office of Melchers Flavors of America, the first pioneering firm in the gourmet flavored coffee and tea market. As the Vice President of Sales and Marketing responsible for all of North American flavor sales, he called upon specialty coffee roasters and tea blending companies to help them to develop unique flavor profiles for their products. Sales increased dramatically during his tenure.

In 1991, Mike launched a successful food product development program offered for academic credit at Oregon State University’s College of Food Science. He also helped to create a member flavored coffee survey for the Specialty Coffee Association of America which defined trends in manufacturing, marketing and consumer demographics. Since that time, he has been a member of various trade associations, led seminars and workshops for industry groups and is profiled and quoted as a source in many trade publications.

Build Your Own Custom Flavors

Let our professional team at Flavor Waves help you create and build some amazing custom flavors that are sure to stand out in 2022 for your consumers and your unique brand. Give us a call at 888-968-2783 or contact our customer service team HERE.

"Proudly celebrating our 25th year of making the world a tastier place" Flavor Waves


1 commentaire

Membre inconnu
08 mars 2022

Very nicely done MIKE. Its always nice to put a face with whom your talking to. I of course like the COCONUT flavor which we use in the KOLA Coconut rum


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