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Meet our new Wave team rider, 13 year old Wing-Foiling waterman, Kaden

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Flavor Waves is proud to announce our new Wave team rider, 13 year old Wing-Foiling waterman, Kaden Pritchard

What does Flavor Waves and Wing-Foiling in Hawaii have in common? There's a great story behind it! 

Kaden Pritchard in Maui Hawaii. Photo: FishBowl Diaries

Flavor Waves + Wind Sports

Many of you may know that owner of Flavor Waves Mike Abrams has been in the coffee & tea industry for over 30 years. What you may not know is that he also has been an avid windsurfer for just as long! Residing in Maui, Hawaii, known as the windsurfing capital of the world, Mike has been out on the water as much as possible during his free time.

His love for windsurfing has crossed over into his business over the years in big impactful ways. Hawaii is a huge inspiration for many unique flavor ideas for our clients such as Hawaiian Hazelnut and Chocolate Macadamia Nut, and Jawaiian Me Crazy flavor (named after the combo of Jamaican reggae and Hawaiian Island Ukulele reggae).

In 2019 Flavor Waves partnered with to make a young girl's dream come true by learning to windsurf with local kids in La Ventana, Mexico. Mike and professional windsurfer (and Flavor Waves team rider) Federico Morisio spent a week donating their time and skills to teach kids how to windsurf. Mike is just as passionate about windsurfing and giving back to the community, as he is about making the world a tastier place to live.

Continuing the bond between Flavor Waves and Mike's love for wind and water sports, in 2022 Flavor Waves signed on two athletes that are proud to be sponsored by our company. We would love the opportunity to share Kaden Pritchard's story, he is a 13 year old Maui based wing-foiling pro!

Meet Kaden Pritchard

Kaden Pritchard is making a big name for himself with his rapid rise to the top of a brand new sport called wing foiling. We had the chance to interview him about how he got started with wing-foiling and what he has to say to encourage others!

How did you get into winging?

My grandpa was learning it so he brought me down to the beach one day. I was bribed by my mom that if I went I could have some cookies! Day 1 I started to get sort of up on the foil then on day 3 I got it! I could go out and in on foil, it was amazing just like flying.

What do you love most about winging and where is your favorite spot to wing?

The thing I love most about winging is that when you are on foil it feels like you are floating. My favorite spot to wing is probably Ho’okipa beach park, which is very close to my house.

Who are some of your favorite athletes?

Kai Lenny, Chris McDonald, and Matt Meola.

What do you want people to know who are wanting to learn to wing?

Winging may be frustrating at the start but once you get the hang of it, it is the most amazing experience ever. You have to take your time and understand it won’t happen right away.

Living in Hawaii you have access to some pretty yummy fruits that grow there. What are some of your favorite tropical fruits?

Mango is the best fruit ever, but if you eat too much of it you can get allergic to it so I try to stay away from it when it is not in season.We grow our own Bananas and Papayas, Lychee, Longgones and a few others I can’t remember and don’t like very much.

Do you have a favorite quote or book? If so, what is it?

“Opportunities don't happen, you create them.” I feel like this is a very good quote because you have to work hard to get what you want!

Kaden Pritchard shares a love for new and unique flavors in the form of cookies! We were able to get Kaden introduced to our friend Mitzi also known as The Maui Cookie Lady. One of Kaden's favorite things about being a Team Rider - designing his own cookie flavors!

What do you like about being a Flavor Waves team athlete?

I love being able to work on different flavors and be able to make my own cookie flavors!

We hear that you love cookies, can you tell us some of your favorite cookie flavors?

My favorite cookie flavor is probably white chocolate chip with caramel.

Kaden, what is your favorite flavored drink?

One of my favorite drinks in the world is orange juice made at home with fresh oranges.

Do you tend to go for bold flavors or classic flavors?

I like bold flavors that you can really taste but I also love having a more subtle taste. It depends on the dish.

What does a perfect day in the life of Kaden look like?

I would say the perfect day would be to wake up in the morning at 6:30 go to Ho’okipa or Lahaina Harbor (depending on which season we are in, Winter Ho’okipa, Summer Lahaina harbor) for about 2 hours come home eat breakfast usually some crepes that my mom make (they are insane!!). While I am waiting for the wind to pick up, I will do some one-wheeling and take our dog for a walk. Then at like 12:30-1 leave my house to go for a wing sesh at Kanaha or Ho’okipa. Then finish the day off with some ribs and Ice Cream!


Thank you so much Kaden for sharing a little glimpse into your inspiring life! We look forward to continuing to follow your journey and support you along the way.

Build Your Own Custom Flavors

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