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The Interview Series: Scott Svihula, Hula Consulting

We are excited to announce the first blog of our Flavor Waves interview series! Each week we will be sitting down with a new member of the coffee & tea industry to discuss business, industry insights, expert knowledge in the brewing industry, flavor trends and behind the scenes of family-owned businesses in the United States.

For over 25 years at Flavor Waves, we have specialized in providing high quality flavors to the specialty Coffee & Tea industry. We have had the privilege of working with knowledgeable leaders in these industries to build personal connections and to learn all about their unique talents and stories.

For our first interview we sat down with an expert in the tea industry, Scott Svihula, owner and founder of Hula Consulting. Scott and the owner of Flavor Waves, Mike Abrams, go back more than 20 years in the coffee/tea industry. We are extremely grateful to share with you more about specialty tea through Scott's knowledge and expertise in this field.

Scott's Impressive Expertise in the Tea Industry

Introducing Scott Svihula, owner and founder of Hula Consulting. Scott is a Tea and Coffee Specialist with a deep understanding of the tea industry, regulatory compliance, product sourcing, and developing and marketing of new and fresh-to-market product offerings.

With 25+ years in the coffee/tea Industry, Scott has carved out a niche as an expert in the this specialized field. His discerning palate has garnered him many industry awards and achievements.


  • Founder of Hula Consulting

  • Founder and Co-Creator of The Scents of Tea

  • World Tea Academy Strategic Technical Advisor and author of ADV11, ADV14,

  • ADV15, and ADV16 classes

  • Former Judge of Global Tea Championship

  • Former Specialty Tea Institute Board Member

You can read Scott's full bio HERE.


About Hula Consulting for your Tea Business

Hula Consulting offers a unique one stop service approach offering everything a company needs to grow, whether they are a start-up or have been in business for decades. This customized consulting approach allows companies to capitalize on Scott's skills and knowledge to target specific growth areas.

  • Product Development (custom blend formulations)

  • Product Sourcing from 1lb to case qty to pallet qty to full containers

  • They offer full co-packing services for loose, form-fill iced tea, tea bags, pyramid sachet, soluble tea sticks, K-Cups, CBD, etc. Our minimum depends on packaging options but starts at 5lbs for stock items and items you send in, or 25lbs for custom blends.

  • Regulatory support with FDA and OSHA-related questions. They can be your regulatory compliance officer, help with turnkey solutions for FSVP, Label Review + Guidance, Gap Audit, Third Party GMP + HACCP Certification, Recall, and much, much more.

  • Certification support for organic, kosher, vegan, non-GMO, halal, etc.

Read more about the list of services and products provided by Hula Consulting here.

The Scents of Tea

What started as a passion project 15 years ago, led into the only science-based tea aroma kit and winner of the World Tea Awards - Best Tea Product of 2020.

Over the years Scott taught many classes at expos teaching about tea processing and aromas. Scott set out on a mission to develop a science-backed tool to help you become a better cupper, tea purchaser, and tea developer. In partnership with Dr. Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace physician and (now retired) faculty member in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University, The Scents of Tea was born.

The Scents of Tea aroma kit enables you to learn how the tea processing steps affect the aromas in tea. It includes forty-five (45) most common scents found in tea! These Tea Aroma Kits include the actual scent chemicals that develop during the processing of tea. Learn the common name as well as the chemical name.


Interesting Insights

  • Due to Covid, food service was out the window during that period but typically there is higher sales volume for tea in the food service industry than retail.

  • Food service is the larger use of tea and has more tea per serving than retail tea.

  • Serving Sizes:

Iced Tea: 1oz per gallon (on average) /16 oz serving. 8oz tea, 8oz water. 2.2 servings per person on average.

Hot Tea. 2 grams up to 4 grams. For a 6-8oz hot serving.

  • More tea volume in the iced tea market. Vast majority of specialty tea is in retail.

What People are Saying About Hula Consulting:

"Scott's support around sourcing and development has been extremely valuable in helping us get off the ground quickly. As an exclusively organic tea company, his support in connecting us with quality organic ingredients has been key. Further, his coaching and assistance in development has been invaluable." Jessica Boyd, Tea Sip

"I just wanted to let you know [Scott] that the three teas you developed for us are selling steadily... The Chai has gotten four 5-star reviews so far! This is a testament to your amazing skills! Thank you!" Karen Hoch, Easy Peasy AIP

Where to Connect with Hula Consulting




Scott and the Hula Consulting Team are delighted to work with you in-person or remotely.

Instagram: @hulaconsulting

Facebook: @hulaconsulting

LinkedIn: @hula-consulting

Want to learn more about the Tea industry? Check out their informative blog here!


Flavor Waves is dedicated to putting our clients in touch with the best resources in the industry. Our interview series is dedicated to giving you introductions to new areas of the Coffee & Tea industries that can provide value to your business and introduce you to new people like Scott Svihula.

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Let our professional team at Flavor Waves help you create and build some amazing custom flavors that are sure to stand out in 2022 for your consumers and your unique brand. Give us a call at 888-968-2783 or contact our customer service team HERE.

"Proudly celebrating our 25th year of making the world a tastier place" Flavor Waves



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