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Interview Series: Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

Connect to your inner badass this week with a fresh Flavor Waves interview featuring CEO Scott Snyder and Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Ruszkowski from Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii. Be warned, learning about this rapidly growing coffee experience will have you itching to book your next trip back to the Hawaiian Islands ASAP!

Kona, Hawaii Roots

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii was founded in 1989 in Kona, Hawaii, right down the road from Greenwell Farms. Their goal was to share American-grown, premium Hawaiian coffee from Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Moloka‘i, Kona, and Ka’u with coffee lovers everywhere. Bad Ass Coffee Company of Hawaii gained popularity quickly with local residents who wanted a taste of the coffee grown right in their backyard. They opened coffee carts, soon followed by their first store.

In 1995, B.J. Bilanzich was so taken by the brand that upon arriving in Salt Lake City, she and her husband began opening stores in Utah and eventually purchased Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii, franchising on the mainland.

In 2019, Royal Aloha Coffee, LLC in Denver, Colorado purchased the rights to the Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii brand. In 2020, Royal Aloha launched an exciting new brand experience with an updated logo, innovative packaging art, new store designs, a new business model and brand new products, while still paying respect to the Hawaiian heritage and quality of the brand.

Bad Ass Coffee is committed to sharing the warm hospitality of the Aloha Spirit within each store atmosphere which allows customers to relax, enjoy themselves, and fuel their inner Bad Ass!

Taste of Aloha

Anchored in Hawaiian roots, Bad Ass Coffee has something exceptional that people are buzzing about. It's a feeling that you truly have to experience for yourself. The ambiance and vibe of their stores, brand, and products are authentic to Hawaii, and everything they do is with the islands in mind.

Unique flavor combinations such as Coconut Rum, Hana Bliss, Three Waves and Chocolate Macadamia Nut serve as a delicious reminder of the Aloha spirit and the feeling of Hawaii. People who have been there feel like they are back in the islands, and people who haven't been there get an invitation to the Spirit of Hawaiian Culture.

Bad Ass Coffee is able to offer 100% Kona Coffee due to their longstanding partnerships with multi-generational Hawaiian coffee farmers, such as Greenwell Farms, a Hawaiian Family Farm that dates back to 1850. They are known for bringing the very best of Hawaiian Coffees to coffee lovers everywhere and best known for specializing in 100% Kona Coffees – often referred to as the “King of Hawaiian Coffee.” They also offer 100% Hawaiian Coffees from Maui, Kauai and the Ka’u District of the Big Island. Their popular Island Estate Series features small batch roasts from different family farms from all of the Hawaiian islands.

Bad Ass Coffee offers something that people are craving and seeking out – a fun menu that lists beverage choices excitingly different and promises to taste “So ONO!” or delicious.

Cold Brew, Single Serve & Subscriptions

Bad Ass Coffee caters to hot and cold coffee drinkers. With a rise in cold coffee drinkers ordering beverages throughout the day instead of just their morning coffee, and younger demographics trending towards cold coffee beverages, there is a huge opportunity for growth. Bad Ass Coffee offers a wide range of cold coffee beverage options on their menu.

Because single-serve portions of coffee are continuing to trend, Bad Ass Coffee is expanding their choices of single-serve products as well. Soon, five new retail, single-serve coffees will become available, in beautiful new island art designed packaging.

Their biggest area of growth, however, is their wildly successful coffee subscription program. In eighteen months, they grew their list of coffee subscribers from zero to over a thousand. By offering exclusivities for subscription plan members, it has attracted a huge following.

Popular Hawaiian Flavors & Limited Edition Coffees

Bad Ass Coffee offers year-round flavored coffee favorites such as their signature Hana Bliss and 3 Waves. Customers who drink flavored coffee are more likely to want to experiment with new flavors. Bad Ass Coffee helps their customers venture out and try new things by offering an "Island featured flavor of the month" at a discounted price, encouraging flavored coffee lovers to try something new. They also come out with seasonal flavored coffee each year, and Gingerbread flavored coffee was a big success for them in 2022.

We can also look forward to limited edition coffees that are on the horizon for this summer as a part of their Surfer Series. The Bad Ass Coffee team worked with their "Official Badasses," Maui Pro-Surfers Cole Alvis and Summer Macedo, to develop the following custom flavors for each of them. Each flavored coffee will launch with its own lineup of merchandise to accompany the highly anticipated new flavors.


Visit a Bad Ass Coffee

New Bad Ass Coffee locations are rapidly expanding throughout the United States. They recently marked the opening of their 31st store in Pensacola Beach, and have dozens more locations in the pipeline for the coming year. To fully experience Bad Ass Coffee, you can check out the complete list of locations here and visit in person.

Looking to connect with Bad Ass Coffee? Here is where you can find them!





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