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Interview Series: Henry P. Thomson Tea Importers

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

It's time to talk tea! This week, Flavor Waves is excited to bring you a new blog for our interview series. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Eugene Amici, President of Henry P. Thomson, family owned Tea Importers since 1912.

For over 25 years at Flavor Waves, we have specialized in providing high quality flavors to the specialty Coffee & Tea industry. We have had the privilege of working with knowledgeable leaders in these industries to build personal connections and to learn all about their unique talents and stories.

This year, FlavorWaves has interviewed many different members of the coffee & tea community to bring you top industry insights, expert knowledge, and flavoring trends. Bringing family-owned coffee & tea businesses in the United States into the spotlight and sharing their stories is something we are very passionate about.

Henry P. Thomson Tea Importing, Family Owned Since 1912

(in their own words)

"Henry P. Thomson is the little tea importer that could. We’re a family-owned company with a passion for tea and for our customers. We prize flexibility, and we’ve been traveling around the world for more than 100 years in our mission to provide the best tasting teas, and blends to our clients. We’re here to provide the best quality product and service humanly possible – and have fun doing it." (

Tea Importing, Warehousing, Distribution, and More

Henry P. Thomson has been importing tea for four generations. They have built strong connections and have access to the finest teas in the world. They have partners in just about every tea-producing country. Quality tea is what has kept their business thriving year after year and HPT makes sure that quality always ranks first. They ensure this by having a person on the ground that links directly to HPT in important tea regions. This allows them to maneuver in volatile market conditions and simultaneously, check for quality in person.

Henry P. Thomson offers and stocks tea bag grades from:

  • Argentina

  • China (Black, Green, Oolong, White and Organic varieties)

  • India

  • Indonesia

  • Africa

  • Vietnam

Warehousing and Custom Blending:

HPT offers warehousing and custom-blending at their facility in the southeastern United States. Storing customer inventory, as well as creating unique, hand-made teas for specialty purveyors is a passionate, daily activity.With an average daily output of 40,000 pounds, their Agusta, Georgia facility gives them the flexibility to fill orders large and small, quickly, at competitive pricing.

HPT has mastered small and large leaf blending, with the ability to analyze and formulate blends from pilot to production stages with extremely short lead times. Each tea is specially selected for its suitability in the final blend. All these capabilities include flavoring applications as well.


As one of the nation’s largest tea importers, they can handle bulk shipments for national clients. These orders can be shipped anywhere in the United States or repackaged according to customer preference in a variety of sizes and containers, from 50 to 1,750 lbs.


Henry P. Thomson works with tea producers and manufacturers to ensure adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP) in making these production facilities clean, safe and secure.

Learn and Connect

HPT has extensive knowledge of the tea industry and have a "Tea 101" page on their website which explains all about different kinds of teas, all about tea processing, what to know about tea leaves and much more! Check out this free resource here:


Looking to connect with Henry P. Thomson? Here is where you can find them!


Product Inquiries & Sales:

Build Your Own Custom Flavors

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