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Interview Series: Hannah Crum, Kombucha Kamp

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

If you are part of the kombucha community, you may have heard about the queen of kombucha, Hannah Crum, of Kombucha Kamp. She is more commonly known as 'The Kombucha Mamma' due to her vast knowledge and experience in the kombucha industry. She is also the co-writer of The Big Book of Kombucha.

Flavor Waves had the incredible honor to interview Hannah Crum and bask in the glow of her all-knowing kombucha knowledge to share her story and inspiring business with our readers.

Hannah's Story

"I first discovered Kombucha while visiting a friend from college in San Francisco. His then girlfriend showed me her mysterious jars and I was instantly intrigued. Upon returning to Los Angeles, I sought out Kombucha at my local Whole Foods market. There weren’t many brands to choose from, so I grabbed a GT’s Synergy Gingerade and gave it a try. The carbonation was super bubbly, the ginger was fresh and delicious, the flavor was both sweet and tart – Wow! This is delicious! Kombucha instantly resonated with me, but it quickly became an expensive habit – what to do? Ah! I just need to get some mysterious jars!

I scoured the internet and local library for information and located my first culture. I was happy to brew Kombucha at home and occasionally I would pass along a culture to a friend and teach them how to make it. I have always been a teacher at heart and love communication plus drinking Kombucha was healing me at many levels. The inspiration to create Kombucha Kamp was sparked when I attended an Artists’ Way Workshop. Through writing morning pages and going on artist dates, I uncovered a secret desire to teach others about Kombucha, not only in person but all over the world as well. You are now enjoying the fruits of our labor." -Hannah Crum, Kombucha Kamp

Kombucha Kamp & The Big Book of Kombucha

Kombucha Kamp is the hub for all things Kombucha. Have you been wondering where a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) comes from? Or curious about growing your kombucha business? You can find the answers to all of your kombucha questions on their educational blog, publications, youtube videos and, of course, The Big Book of Kombucha.

The Big Book of Kombucha, written by Alex LaGory and Hannah Crum, is the product of years and years of kombucha expertise and knowledge of the industry. There are more than 400 Recipes, including 268 unique flavoring combinations. Helping each individual kombucha lover and brewer every step of the way on their kombucha journey is Hannah's mission. This Big Book of Kombucha is like having Hannah there with you guiding you along the way and providing the answers to your questions. The book is intended for you to skip around and add notes along the way.

"Changing the World One Gut at a Time" (TM Kombucha Kamp)

Resources for Starting a Kombucha Business

Starting to make your own kombucha can be a little intimidating at first but Kombucha Kamp helps make the process fun and easy. They offer many different Kombucha Kits that have everything you need in one package to get started. Hannah suggests the Brew Now Kit (just add water) and the Big Book of Kombucha, as the perfect kit for getting started.

The wide range of offerings on Kombucha Kamp's website is impressive. For new brewers, you can find Continuous Brew, Kombucha Mother Cultures, Kombucha Kits, Jun Tea Cultures, Kefir Grains, Vessels and Spigots. They have more vessels than any other kombucha site including unique pottery vessels made in CA. Customizing your unique kombucha experience will bring so much personality to your brew and set you apart from the crowd.

Growing your Kombucha Business

Do you have a kombucha business already and are looking to expand? Hannah is here to help and guide you. Below are some of the issues that brewers commonly face and how Kombucha Kamp can help you overcome these challenges.

1. Cost

Materials can get pricey. You can find culture and liquid at wholesale prices on Kombucha Kamp's website. This can help you keep your costs down and stay profitable.

2. Brewing Problems

Are you stuck in a rut or have a problem you can't seem to solve? Hannah offers consulting and troubleshooting assistance.

3. Not the Business Type?

Let Kombucha Kamp help you make a detailed business plan so you can get back to being creative.

4. Culture Problems

Hannah is an expert when it comes to your SCOBY. Have her take a look with DNA sequencing (inside view of what is in your culture) and get to the root of what may be the problem with your brew.

5. Inspiration

Lacking inspiration for your next kombucha project? Hannah and her team can help guide you with new ideas for your business, whether it be flavoring or packaging.

Exciting Kombucha Flavorings

We asked Hannah what flavor(s) she is most excited about this year. Here is what she is excited to see more of in the kombucha space:

Spirulina, Yaupon (North America's yerba mate cousin), Mocktail flavors like "Mojito" and "New Fashioned - a spin on the whisky/bourbon old fashioned cocktail.

"If you give an organism what it needs to thrive it will. Like humans, if we give ourselves what we need to survive, we will." -Hannah Crum

Looking to connect with Hannah and Kombucha Kamp? Here is where you can find her!


The Big Book of Kombucha:



Build Your Own Custom Flavors

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