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Cold Brew Coffee Market & Flavor Trends

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Let's talk about Cold Brew Coffee! The popularity of Cold Brew Coffee (the result of steeping coarse ground coffee in cold water) continues to grow rapidly into 2022 -- and Flavor Waves has the top trending flavors.

Flavor Waves looked at the Market Value, Consumption and Flavor Trends of Cold Brew Coffee across America. Here's what to expect for the upcoming year and beyond.

Cold Brew Coffee has become a staple beverage across America in coffee shops, restaurants and households alike, making it the hottest (or coldest!) trend in coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee is appealing and refreshing anytime of the day. It is garnering more sales in the afternoons and evenings than hot coffee. Twenty-two percent of consumers enjoy a Cold Brew Coffee for breakfast or morning beverage and up to thirty percent of coffee drinkers enjoy a Cold Brew Coffee around lunchtime based on the NCA Cold Brew Toolkit.

Why is Cold Brew Coffee Popular?

One of the top reasons for the Cold Brew Coffee craze is due to the health benefits believed to be associated with it.

  1. Less Acidic: Some studies have found Cold Brew Coffee to be slightly less acidic than hot brewed coffee … Cold Brew Coffee is sweeter and smoother because the coffee grounds are not exposed to high temperatures and usually tastes more flavorful and less bitter. (

  2. Less Sugar Content: Consumers are much more conscious about their health, especially with the ongoing pandemic. Ready-to-Drink (RTD) flavored Cold Brew Coffees are appealing to more and more consumers because it has less sugar content. It is also a more clean label beverage that can boost both mood and mental alertness. Serving Cold Brew Coffee straight over ice is refreshing and it has the added benefit of zero-sugar and zero-calorie count.

Flavored Cold Brew Coffees are especially popular over ice in the summer months.

Cold Brew Consumption in the United States

Cold Brew Coffee holds greater appeal with younger consumers in the United States. 47% of consumers aged 25 to 39 and 46% of consumers aged 18 to 24 rated the beverage as either excellent or very good based on a survey by Statista.

Consumer opinion of Cold Brew Coffee in the United States:

Market Size

The total size of the Cold Brew Coffee market stood at around 166 million U.S. dollars in 2017. By 2025, this figure is forecasted to increase to around 944 million U.S. dollars. This data is based on a study conducted by Statista.

Trending Flavors

As the popularity grows for Cold Brew Coffee, new flavors are beginning to appear in the marketplace. However, the tried and true flavors like Caramel, Vanilla and Mocha still remain the leading flavors. The top popular flavors for Cold Brew Coffee include:

  • Caramel

  • Cinnamon Vanilla

  • Vanilla

  • Churro

  • Mocha

  • Nut Flavors (Hazelnut, Vanilla Nut, Almond)

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Caramel Dulce

Chameleon Coffee (Austin, Texas) offers some of the most popular Cold Brew Coffee flavors in the industry. Their unique "Organic Cold Brew Unsweetened Churro Flavor" is one of their most popular Cold Brew Coffee flavors. In a blog by, Chameleon Coffee’s Unsweetened Churro Flavor ranked #1 -- above all the other unflavored Cold Brew Coffees on the list!

Cold Brew Coffee drinkers are here to stay. Set your brand apart by creating a Custom Flavor with Flavor Waves. It just may become the new leading flavor in the Cold Brew Coffee Market!

Build Your Own Custom Flavors

Let our professional team at Flavor Waves help you create and build some amazing custom flavors that are sure to stand out in 2022 for your consumers and your unique brand. Give us a call at 888-968-2783 or contact our customer service team HERE.

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