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3 Tropical Tea Flavors Trending for Summer

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Let your taste buds take an adventure with these Three Trending Popular Flavors. Summer is on the horizon and at Flavor Waves, we are dreaming of warm days and fruity flavors. Explore these three refreshing Tropical Tea Flavors to add to your summer tea collection.

At Flavor Waves we are always keeping an eye on industry news, trends and exciting new flavors. With over 25 years of making the world a tastier place, we have insights into top flavors for each season.

Today we are showcasing three tea flavors that are rising in popularity. These tropical and fruity flavors will give your customers what they truly want … a sweet escape. Which of these three tea flavors will you add to your tea selection in 2022?

#1 Passionfruit

Passionfruit has been gaining popularity in recent years, not only in tea, but also in other popular beverage industries like hard seltzers, syrups and alcoholic beverages. Passionfruit has a sweet, ripe mango taste with hints of guava, papaya and just a touch of pineapple citrus. This flavor creates a tropical flavor burst that is sure to satisfy any tea lover.

Datassential projected passionfruit will be featured in about 15% of U.S. menus in 2022 and the flavor has increased 20% in popularity over the past four years.

Passionfruit was named Monin’s 2022 Flavor of the Year because of its versatility, vibrant color, sweet and tart flavors, and its relaxing and tropical properties.

#2 Strawberry Guava

Strawberry Guava combines the familiar and nostalgic taste of juicy strawberries with the adventurous and tropical flavor of guava. It gives the consumer the best of both worlds.

This is one of our top selling tea flavors here at Flavor Waves and is growing in popularity year after year. Datassential reports that guava is currently found on 1.1% of U.S. menus, rising 45% in popularity over the past four years.

Try this delicious tea hot or cold!

#3 Tangerine

Health and wellness are playing a huge part in beverage selections for 2022. Tangerines have an abundance of vitamin C packed with antioxidants and provide immunity support. A tangerine flavored tea imparts taste that is sweeter and more flavorful than a ripe orange and can be thought of as a healthier option for consumers looking for health and wellness benefits.

Interested in sampling this flavor? Talk to one of our flavor experts today HERE.

Now that you've learned about three trending Tropical Tea Flavors, here are more flavors to consider when ordering for your summer tea collection.

Other Popular Tea Flavors:




Earl Grey/Bergamot


Southern Peach



Orange Spice


POG (Passion Orange Guava)

View the full list of Flavor Waves Tea Flavors HERE. Or create high quality custom flavors of your own!

Flavor Spotlight : PASSIONFRUIT

Build Your Own Custom Flavors

Let our professional team at Flavor Waves help you create and build some amazing custom flavors that are sure to stand out in 2022 for your consumers and your unique brand. Give us a call at 888-968-2783 or contact our customer service team HERE.

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